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 Minitonas Campgrounds
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Campground Name: Wellman Lake RV Park
Addr 1: PO Box 249
Addr 2: Duck Mt Provincial Park
City: Minitonas
State: Manitoba
Property Type: RV Park
Setting - View: Forest
Season Open: Spring to Fall
Maximum Days Allowed: Unlimited Days
Number of Campsites: 6
Campsite Price Range: $25
Description: 6 campsites with water, sewer, hydro hookups. - 2 pull through sites. Each site includes a deck, BBQ pit, firewood in wood boxes.
Cabins Fishing Nearby Sewer
Convienence Store Full Hookups Shade Trees
Dump Station Laundry Showers
Electric Play Ground Tennis Courts
Firepits Pull Thru Water
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